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from Michael Brook

Advanced Sales Development System

Successful Selling is the Cornerstone of a Successful Business

This system uses advanced NLP technologies and has been used by companies to develop some of the best sales teams in the world.

It comprises 7 modules which include Personal Success Strategies, Relationship Building, Behaviour Profiling, Criteria Elicitation, Presenting, Negotiations and Gaining Commitment.

High Performance Coaching

Within the top tiers of management, there are many highly educated
individuals who through their life have developed an immense variety
of skill and knowledge. Many people find that by regularly paying
attention to their methodology and reviewing their approach to life,
they can find numerous ways to improve and get better results.

Advanced Leadership Development System

Today the working environment is becoming more complex, with increasing diversity and ambiguity.

Your managers need to be able to help your people have the capability to be creative in the way they solve problems; as indeed they need to be more flexible in the way they deliver business solutions.

We know that the value of powerful leadership is recognised as one of the most important factors for sustained organisational growth and success.

Motivational Maps

Understanding Motivation is a key element of business success.

Motivated staff outperform the competition, stay with your business and yield an excellence of performance, of which most employers would only dream.