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Understanding Motivation is a key element of business success.

Motivated staff outperform the competition, stay with your business and yield an excellence of performance which most employers would only dream of.

Motivation can be very elusive in the work place. This is because until now we have not had a way of describing motivation and we could not measure it.

With Professional Excellence Motivational Maps analysis we can describe your motivation profile and also measure just how motivated you are against your profile. From here we can then go on to maximise anyone’s motivation.


We know that Performance = Skills x Motivation

So if we can improve motivation we can increase performance significantly.

Motivational Maps are the result of high level research undertaken over many years. They allow us to provide you with a motivational profile of yourself and your staff, as well as showing you how motivated they are, what motivates them and how to motivate them.

What our clients say:

On a personal level it was really useful to have the descriptions to match my feelings about who I am and where I am … I was able to see how I may be perceived by the team and what that experience may be like for them.” Helen Harrower – Training Design Manager

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